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The Gridcoin Fireside #21 - Blockchains and Cryptocurrency Part 3: A Dignified Data Driven Economy of the Future; Pb: Amicable Numbers

October 12, 2019



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The Gridcoin Fireside is a participatory podcast brought to you by DCUni and the Gridcoin community. It is intended to introduce and explore DLT, cryptocurrency, and crypto-economics from a science oriented perspective.

The audience is welcome to participate through voice-comms or via the discord text chat.

Join us every Thursday at 8:00pm EST on the Gridcoin discord server.


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Recorded on September 26th

We are all intrinsically aware of the power of data, yet we continue to give for free the data that defines our personal existence and hold for sale the data that could change humanity and the world.

This episode from September 26th looks forward to an economy in which the value created by individuals interacting with a digital world is recognized and dignified with monetary compensation.

We discuss how blockchain technology holds the potential to redefine the patent and copyright structures by simultaneously freeing data and knowledge, opening them to the open-source future, while strengthening ownership rights and claims.

Time Subject
1:45 News
New BOINC Project: ithena
Outdated Gridcoin.World Update
5:00 Project Brief: Amicable Numbers
18:30 A Dignified Data Driven Economy of the Future
26:45 Opening Discussion
29:20 Data and Ownership on Blockchain
40:00 Censorship of Data on Blockchain
44:00 Gridcoin Blockchain Interacting with Data
52:00 Closing Discussion


Project Brief.pngProject brief: Amicable Numbers

This week delta1512 introduced us to the project Amicable Numbers.

An Amicable number pair is a pair of numbers where each of the factors of each number (except the number itself) adds to the other number.

What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin is a multi-incentive permissionless blockchain initiated in 2013. It mints and distributes cryptocurrency in relation to the processing power a network participant directs toward data-driven analysis and scientific discovery, as well as through a proof-of-stake reward mechanism. The Gridcoin blockchain monitors processing contributions to the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Networked Computing (BOINC). BOINC hosts major institutional computing projects such as IBM’s World Community Grid, SETI, and CERN, alongside projects developed by students, enthusiasts, mathematicians, researchers, and citizen scientists. Access to Gridcoin's computation resources is free, while computation contributors are incentivized with cryptocurrency minted by the Gridcoin protocol.

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