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The Open Systems of Science - 2019 BOINC Workshop

July 16, 2019

Jringo's presentation from the 2019 BOINC workshop hosted in Chicago by IBM's World Community Grid.

Title: The Open Systems of Science

Date: July 10th 2019

Note: The room was not mic'd so the discussion at the end is edited to include only the speaker's comments which were mic'd.

Referenced Content

Contact: jringo@gridcoin.world

Website: https://gridcoin.world 

Basic Principle (6:50)

"No one needs to seek permission in order to participate, to run a node, to change the code, to build, or to innovate."

Governance Quote from the Proposed Gridcoin Whitepaper (11:40, 13:20)

"Permissionless blockchain networks progress through merit based arguments supported by contributor reputation and finally settled through software alterations committed to open-source repositories that are either installed or ignored by network nodes."

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